About Friends of Long Island Wrestling
Friends of Long Island Wrestling Annual Golf Outing Neil Duncan presenting Chaminade replica of George Dlugolonskiís Hall of Fame plaque to be displayed prominently at the Chaminade High School Athletic Facility.

The Friends of Long Island Wrestling, Inc. is an organization with over 2,000 members and is dedicated to one purpose. That purpose is to assist the sport of amateur wrestling on Long Island, New York State, and indeed throughout the entire USA.

It is an organization of volunteers composed of ex wrestlers, coaches, fans, and other interested people who share the common goal of helping the sport flourish by organizing and supporting functions and entities that advance the awareness of amateur wrestling to the people of Long Island. The overall goals are simply expressed in the mission statement.

    The Mission of "The Friends of Long Island Wrestling"
  • To foster and promote public awareness and appreciation of amateur wrestling
  • To support active ongoing amateur wrestling programs in our schools and youth organizations
  • To develop new programs and activities as necessary
  • To assist in the marketing of our sport on a local and national level
  • To preserve and promote the history of amateur wrestling in the local community and on a national basis
  • To foster and promote a positive community identity for the programs of amateur wrestling that are active in our region
    With those goals in mind, The Friends has:
  • Assisted local college programs through the purchase of tickets to matches that were distributed, free of charge to local high school teams and by hosting several receptions before major dual meets
  • Organized and run various Junior High School end of season tournaments
  • Organized an annual golf outing that has attracted many notable wrestling luminaries to participate with members in a fun filled event with proceeds used to promote amateur wrestling
  • Assisted several local high school programs that needed funds because of budget cuts
  • Paid to televise the Nassau and Suffolk high school sectional tournaments
  • Published and continues to publish an annual magazine, Long Island Wrestling, that features articles that honor the history and report on the present status of Long Island, national & international wrestling
  • In partnership with the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, has inducted over 50 worthy Long Islanders into the Hall at an annual dinner banquet that has become the premier wrestling social event on Long Island

These are but a few of the many programs and events that have been organized by The Friends of Long Island Wrestling over the past years. We are looking for members who would like to help us help wrestling! Please click on the membership link to find information that will assist you in joining with us in this fine effort.