...is published annually by the Friends of Long Island Wrestling, Inc.. We hope you enjoy reading about the people, past and present that have made wrestling the great sport it is.

Ours is the only periodical devoted to Long Island's amateur wrestlers, coaches and their programs. Get an inside and in-depth look at the great things that are happening in wrestling in the entire metro area, and enjoy the historical features of Long Island Wrestling in our nationally acclaimed publication.

We have a growing circulation which directly corresponds to our growing membership. With membership comes not only the magazine, but invitations to both the National Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Dinner (held here on LI) each Spring and to the FOLIW Golf Outing each Autumn. Get the benefit of a full year of active membership and all of our events by completing the membership form and mailing it now. Please click on the membership link to find information that will assist you in joining with us in our efforts.

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