Hall of Fame

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum is located on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The organization represents the entire United States through its State Chapters Program.

The Downstate NY Chapter has inducted 124 outstanding Long Island and New York City wrestling personalities into the Hall in the categories of Lifetime Service, Outstanding Americans, and Medal of Courage.

Anyone wishing to nominate an individual into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame may do so by contacting the friends of long island wrestling and requesting an official nomination ballot.

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Lifetime Service Award
Harold Earl, 1995
Al Muller, 1995
Al Bevilacqua, 1996
Joe Campo, 1996
Joe Russo, 1996
Bob Bury, 1997
James Davey, 1997
Reggie Jones, 1997
"Jumper" Leggio, 1997
Bill Linkner, 1998
Ted Petersen,1998
Jerry Seckler, 1998
Terry Haise, 1999
Ken Hunte, 1999
Ed Luksik, 1999
Nick Gallo, 2000
Ed Rooney, 2000
John Schaefer, 2000
Sam Boone, 2001
Cliff Clarke, 2001
Lonnie Kittle, 2001
Joseph Valla, 2002
Walter Stewart, 2002
Guy Guccione, 2002
John Walter, 2002
Irv Apgar, 2003
Ed Hubbard, 2003
Matt Sanzone, 2003
Sonny Greenhalgh, 2004
Don Jackson, 2004
Ed Reinisch, 2004
Jack Mahoney, 2005
Steve Shippos, 2005
"Brick" Stone, 2005
Bob Busby, 2006
Paul Gillespie, 2006
Tony Mellino, 2006
Ken Cellan, 2007
Robert "Doc" Fallot, 2007
Bob Goldberg, 2007
Gary Mims, 2007
Gary Abbott, 2008
Neil Duncan, 2008
Bob Gerbino, 2008
George Munnich, 2008
Don Snyder, 2008
Bill Starke, 2008
Paul Brodmerkel, 2009
Kevin Murphy, 2009
Richard Smith, 2009
Pete Venier, 2009
Robert Armstrong, 2010
Roger Bogsted, 2010
Lawrence Cantor, 2010
William Desario, 2010
Christopher Edmond, 2010
John Hamilton, 2010
Mike Davey, 2011
Mike Fitzgerald, 2011
Paul Kieblesz, 2011
Bill Knapp, 2011
Terry Phelan, 2011
Fred Recher, 2011
Mike DerGarabedian, 2012
Howie Greenblatt, 2012
Chris Messina, 2012
Joe Patrovich, 2012
Bill Santoro, 2012
Gary Ventimiglia, 2012
Bill Brennen, 2013
Sal DiFazio, 2013
George Doherty, 2013
Richard Doherty, 2013
George Dlugolonski, 2013
Reggie Jones Jr., 2013
Norm Maisel, 2013
Hilary Becker, 2014
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Cliff Forziat, 2014
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Marcia Haise, 2014
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Guy Leggio, 2014
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Isaac Ramaswamy, 2014
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Paul Bass, 2015
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Frank Carrozza, 2015
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Robert Emmons, 2015
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David Ironman, 2015
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Jim Rooney, 2015
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Ron Russo, 2015
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Paul Schmidt, 2015
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Jon Tush, 2015
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Ron Abatelli, 2016
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Bob Attonito, 2016
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Bill Davey, Jr., 2016
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Jerry Harrell, 2016
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Bob Hartman, 2016
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Laura Maddock, 2016
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Tom Maddock, 2016
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Steve Meehan, 2016
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Tony Melosci, 2016
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William Zagarino, 2016
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Scott Arnel, 2017
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Doug Axman, 2017
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Don Jantzen, 2017
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Tom Magnani, 2017
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Nick Nanos, 2017
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Arno Niemand, 2017
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Jim Nordland, 2017
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Tony Nordland, 2017
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James Regan, 2017
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Tom Riccio, 2017
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Hooman Tavakolian, 2017
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Rich Appelbaum, 2018
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Bill Crum, 2018
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Carl DeStefanis, 2018
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Dave Foxen, 2018
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Darren Goldstein, 2018
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Colonel Steve Hunte, 2018
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Mike Novogratz, 2018
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Vin Paolano, 2018
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Chris Soukas, 2018
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John Zabatta, 2018
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Distinguished Members
Henry Wittenberg, 1977
Dr. Vince Zuaro, 1984
Frank "Sprig" Gardner, 1986
William Farrell, 1987

Lou Giani, 2003
Outstanding Americans
Roone Arledge, 1992
Steve Friedman, 1993
David Pottruck, 1994
Arthur C. Rutzen, 1994
William Baldwin, 2003
Pascal Perri, 2006
Setrak Agonian, 2007
Noel Thompson, 2014
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Steve Buscemi, 2015
Arno Niemand, 2017
Outstanding Officials
Pascal Perri, 1995
Mark S. Piven, 1997

Medal of Courage Recipients
Rohan Murphy, 2001
Charles Gadson, 2005
Pat Augustine, 2007
Dennis Dunne, 2017