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The Friends of Long Island Wrestling, Inc. believe that the sport of amateur wrestling helps to build the personal characteristics necessary for a strong citizenry, one comprised of individuals with leadership qualities that are based upon self-discipline, self-determination, and self-confidence. Because wrestling helps to build these characteristics in young people, regardless of their physical, economic or cultural background.

Friends of Long Island Wrestling's Hall of Famers gather for the Annual Induction Dinner to celebrate this year's crop of inductees and to reunite with fellow Hall of Fame recipients.

The "Friends" seek to broaden the understanding and development of these values by encouraging participation in wrestling and also by...

  • The stimulation and encouragement of those who establish and conduct amateur wrestling activities at all levels on Long Island... and beyond.
  • The recognition of those who have achieved or developed excellence in the sport as wrestlers and/or coaches, or as outstanding contributors to the sport in some other manner.
  • The recognition of those who have achieved excellence in other walks of life after their participation in wrestling.
  • The maintenance of documentation and memorabilia that depict the rich history of the sport of amateur wrestling on Long Island... and beyond.